netbiff is a mail notification utility, like the traditional xbiff, but designed to handle multiple mailboxes. It can provide a graphical interface and/or execute shell commands when new mail is received.

netbiff is the main interface program. It reads a configuration and communicates with several backend mail checkers. It uses either GTK or a terminal to display messages to the user.

netbiffd-imap checks for mail on an IMAP connection. It supports checking multiple folders, and can connect using TCP, SSL, or an SSH tunnel.

netbiffd-file checks for updates to a specific file using its mtime field. The behavior is identical to the original xbiff.


OpenSSL must be installed. To build the graphical interface, you need GTK installed.


Latest version:

Older versions:

I have stopped maintaining RPMs and Debian packages. The source tarball contains a debian/ directory, so you may build binary packages yourself.


The following commands will build netbiff and install it in /usr/local. Further configuration options can be set in the conf-* files (e.g., you can point conf-home somewhere besides /usr/local).

# gunzip -c /path/to/netbiff-VERSION.tar.gz | tar -xpf -
# cd netbiff-VERSION
# make install

Configuration is described in the file CONFIG. Backend usage is described in the files README.{FILE,IMAP}.


Netbiff may be redistributed in any form without restriction.

Netbiff comes with NO WARRANTY.


Questions or bug reports to