Jeff King

What do I do?

I mostly hang around the house in my pajamas. Sometimes I work on Git, an open-source distributed version control system. Sometimes I make music. I've been learning to play the pedal steel guitar.

I used to work for GitHub. My job there was mainly about improving Git, but I also helped out with lots of internal issues around hosting repositories. I was there for 11 years, and active with the Git project for 15+. If you're curious, you can see lots of stuff I worked on in the mailing list archive or in the Git repository.

I used to work in the Research Technologies division of UITS at Indiana University.

Before that I was a grad student in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. You can see a list of my publications.

I used to host the Longboards and Longhorns radio show on WREK. Another host continued for many years after me (and I maintained the web page), but it ended up a victim of covid when the station disallowed community hosts.

I also used to be in a surf-country band called The Broken Spokes, but these days there are a few thousand miles between band members.

There are many Jeff Kings in the world, and I am not most of them. Specifically, I am not:


You can email me at My PGP key is here.


My nickname is Peff, which dates back to my childhood. Yes, people call me that in real life. No, it's not the most manly nickname in the world, but at least it is somewhat unique. The only other Peffs I know of are: