tinyircd is a very small, standalone irc server. It will not connect to any other irc networks, but will communicate with irc clients. It is written with size and security in mind.


The installation instructions assume the presence of DJB's daemontools and ucspi-tcp.


Latest version:

Older versions:


Unpack the tinyircd package:

  gunzip -c tinyircd-VERSION.tar.gz | tar -xf - 
  cd tinyircd-VERSION

Compile the tinyircd package


As root, install tinyircd in /usr/local:

  make setup check


  1. As root, create UNIX accounts named tinyircd and ircdlog.
  2. As root, create a /var/tinyircd service directory:
      tinyircd-conf tinyircd ircdlog /var/tinyircd SERVERNAME
    where SERVERNAME is the name your server will advertise to clients (since tinyircd is a standalone server, it won't talk to other servers).
  3. As root, create a /var/tinyircd-listen directory:
      passfd-conf tinyircd ircdlog /var/tinyircd-listen 6667 \
    The command given above will cause your server to listen on IP address, port 6667.
  4. As root, tell svscan about the new services.
      ln -s /var/tinyircd /service
      ln -s /var/tinyircd-listen /service


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