tinysu is a featureless replacement for su and sudo. tinysu is installed setuid root and executable by members of a particular group. It is intended to be used in situations where an unprivileged user is being granted full root access, but wants the convenience of a sudo-style log.

What does tinysu do?

What does tinysu not do?

When is tinysu not appropriate?

tinysu is not appropriate for some situations where su or sudo are used. If you want the small amount of extra security provided by requiring an attacker to set up a trojan and steal the root or user password, do not use tinysu. If you want a flexibile authorization scheme based on users, commands, and/or hosts, do not use tinysu.


Latest version:


Unpack the tinysu package:

  gunzip -c tinysu-VERSION.tar.gz | tar -xf - 
  cd tinysu-VERSION

Edit the conf-* files for your installation.

Compile the tinysu package:


As root, install tinysu:

  make setup check


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